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Llanelian-Yn-Rhos, Colwyn Bay, Conwy LL29 8YA

SS Waverley not docking in Llandudno

Despite promises from the Conwy tourism department and Llandudno Pier, the pier is still not ready for the SS Waverley to dock in North Wales.

According to the council the Waverley trips were due to be up and running from the end of May 2013.

We have just lost a large booking from customers from England who were planning a trip followed by dinner at the White Lion.

Despite there being a recession our rates payable have increased by over 33% since 2009 and continue to rise each year, unlike domestic rates.  This increase alone, over £3,500, we are sure could have paid for the missing parts required.

The work was to be undertaken by the council with monies from Conwy & Llandudno Councils and private funds.

What has happened please?  North Wales is a tourism destination, please Conwy Council and others act in the interest of your commercial ratepapers who provide jobs for the welfare of the whole of this area.