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Llanelian-Yn-Rhos, Colwyn Bay, Conwy LL29 8YA

An Open Letter to the First Minister

From a North Wales Resident

Dear Mark Drakeford MS/AS

Your most recent ruling to keep Welsh pubs open whilst not allowing us to serve alcohol is a complete and utter joke that makes no sense. The fact that you have been allowed, encouraged even, to do this is sickening.

The only reason that you have done this is to avoid having to pay support to the Welsh pubs because ‘technically’ you haven’t taken away our livelihoods by allowing the premises to remain open whilst putting a restriction on the goods that we sell. Shame on you! Your ‘own people’ too!

To add further insult to injury you allow us to travel to Tier 1 & Tier 2 regions of England, which for my local area is 5 miles away in Chester!

‘Don’t drink in Wales to save lives … but travel to England for a pint and chips instead’ is what you are basically saying. Taking away from the Welsh economy at a detrimental time of year and handing it to the English economy. Encouraging Welsh residents to stay over night at family and friends houses in England so that they can enjoy a festive drink.

Your rulings are not helping Wales. Your rulings are not helping the mitigation of the virus. Your rulings are potentially dangerous to the Welsh economy and people.

I truly hope that the majority, if not entirety, of Wales casts a vote of no confidence against you as quickly as possible before you bring us to our knees to the point where many will not be able to pick themselves back up again.

Pubs are NOT responsible for more than 3% of the virus. Pubs ARE responsible for more than a quick pint or a session, they are responsible for the mental well-being of many people. An opportunity for many who are isolated in life to meet, safely and lawfully with their friends and family.

You’re out of touch, inconsistent and bordering the realms of dictatorship that seem more and more about your personal preference towards alcohol consumption than it does about the safety of ‘your people’.